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Joseph is a Colorado Native who loves getting outside as much as he can exploring as close as his backyard or traveling overseas to exotic locations with one goal in mind: finding unique locations with incredible light. 


The tagline Explore.Learn.Share. comes from Joseph’s commitment to himself to first and foremost get out and explore our beautiful world we live in bringing back these experiences through imagery and also teaching photography workshops and post processing courses. 


Joseph is also a strong advocate of climate awareness and conservationism believing this is paramount in all his endeavors - protecting this one planet we call home. You can regularly find him speaking to these efforts and partnering with organizations such as Protect Our Winters and the Rocky Mountain Climate Organization helping spread their mission as well. 


Joseph is proud to be partnered with several of his favorite companies in the industry who greatly help his efforts behind the lens and while in the field:


Joseph hopes that his passion for photography and nature will have a positive impact on those who share this common interests.  He encourages others to step foot into our treasured and diverse landscapes, to gather experiences and knowledge along the way, and to teach others of our findings.  To Explore.Learn.Share.

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