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I'm proud to announce I will be assisting Ian Plant on his Landscape Photography Masterclass set in Hanksville, Utah in March, 2020! Ian is one of my all-time favorite landscape photographers and about one of the nicest and humblest photographers around. Ian is also the founder of Shuttermonkeys, The Evolution of Photography educational website. During this Masterclass Workshop, Ian's goal will be to teach each participant the necessary techniques to make compelling landscape photos. Expect to stay very busy: the goal is to give you all the skills you need to make great landscape images, but hopefully, we’ll also take some great photos along the way and have a lot of fun too!

Meet The Team

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Ian Plant

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Ian Plant ( shares his vision of this beautiful world by inspiring and educating people in the art of nature photography. Ian's eye for the natural world is one I have been inspired by ever since I came across his work almost 10 years ago. His use of natural shapes in nature that enhance his overall scene makes his compositions another level. 


Joseph Roybal

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Joseph Roybal's passion and love of travel and the outdoors is what drew him to photography over ten years ago while living overseas. Upon his return to the United States his passion for rugged and off the beaten path travel and documentary style photography was a little more challenging to come by pushing him to seek out another style he could attach himself to. After meeting Dan Ballard and realizing how to blend his passion of the outdoors with photography this new avenue was born. 

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